Mountains of Ukraine. The Most Beautiful Places of the Country.

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Mountains of Ukraine consist of the Crimean Mountains and the Carpathian mountains. In these places there are hundreds and thousands of interesting places which attracts tourists from neighboring countries as well as from the entire world. The beauty of mountains impresses people tired from the boring city life. They get the unique feeling from climbing the mountain which is unforgettable. Mountains of Ukraine are full with legends and mysteries what makes them more attractive.

ukrainian mountainsIn the south-west of the country Ukrainian Carpathians are settled They are the part of the mountain range, passing through Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Austria. Carpathian mountain system is unique because of its slopes full of ancient forests which are rare in the central Europe. These mountains are without rocky tops but with meadows with forests on them instead. In summer mountain landscape is complemented with the numerous flocks of sheep. One of the most remarkable places in the Ukrainian Carpathians is a natural park Sinevir, which includes the most beautiful and the largest mountain lake in Ukraine – Sinevir (Sea Eye). The majority of Ukrainian population living in the Carpathian Mountains has the specific style of life, language and culture. Such ethnic groups as Hutsuls, Bukovintsy, Boiki, Lemke live here. Also the tourists are attracted to the Carpathian Mountains with charming waterfalls: Yaremchanski(12 m), Silver (5 and 2 m), Trufanets (36 m), Manjavsky (20 m), Shepit (14 m) and others.

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GoverlaMountain Goverla in the Carpathian Mountains is the highest peak of the mountains in Ukraine. Its height is 2061 m. It is located on the border of Ivano-Frankovsk and Transcarpathian regions. In the Hungarian language Goverla means “Snow Mountain” because its top is usually covered with snow, sometimes even in the middle of summer. The form of the highest mountain is cone. The top of Goverla is flat with a platform from which people can admire the opening view. It is possible to see all the Montenegrin Mountains from here. Goverla is covered with alpine meadows, scrubs, sometimes with rock slides.

Crimean mountains

The most famous mountains of Ukraine are in the Crimea – Roman-Kosh, Ai-Petri, Demerdzhi and Chater-dag. Crimean mountains are situated in the south of the Crimea extending from the Aiya point in Balaklava on the west to Feodosia in the east. The highest point is Roman-Kosh Mountain (1545 m). In the Crimean mountains there are several waterfalls especially popular among tourists: Jur-Jur (very noisy, 15 m), Arpatsky (10 m) waterfall Golovkinskogo (12 m), Su-Uchhan (25 m). The highest waterfall in the mountains of Ukraine is Wuchang Su (90 m). It is situated on the same named Crimean river. From the Tatar language Wuchang-Su means “flying water.”


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Ai-Petri (1,254 m) can be reached by the road from Yalta or by cable car from Mishor. There is a large market near the upper cable car station which offers a good choice of all kinds of oriental sweets and tourist attractions. All conditions for an active rest are provided here: riding on horses and camels, mountain biking, paragliding, etc.

Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain, because the mountain looks like a giant bear, which leaned to the sea in order to drink water) is a state reserve. It juts into the sea and forms a cape visible from almost every side of the South Coast. Due to this it served as a landmark for sailors for a long time.

Demerdzhi rises up to 1240 m above sea level. Its top forms a flat plane covered with dense and high grass. Silence is everywhere, because noisy roads were left far behind. From the top of Demerdzhi Bear Mountain can be observed, as well as Ai-Petri.


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The highest point of the mountains in the Crimea is Roman Kosh. The height of the mountain is 1545 meters and is composed from limestone. Roman-Kosh is currently included in the territory of the Crimean Natural Reserve. A wonderful quiet and peace which reign at the top of Roman-Kosh make us think about eternity.  Graceful roes and deers can be seen in the valleys of the mountains. Roman-Kosh is especially beautiful at night, when the rays of the setting sun lit with the golden light this remarkable mountain. Experienced travelers believe that this is the only place where you can feel the peace and greatness of the Crimean Mountains.

Some facts about the mountains of Ukraine
• Ukrainian Carpathians consist of several parallel ridges that extend from northwest to southeast for about 270 km.
• Crimean Mountains extend from west to east for 180 km.
• Mountains of Ukraine occupy 5% of the country
• In the Carpathian Mountains average January temperature is -2 to -5 ° C (on top -10 ° C), July – +17 +20 ° C (at the tops +4 +5 ° C).
• In the Crimean mountains the average temperature in January is -4 ° C, and in July – +16 ° C.

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