Problems of Foreign Students’ Studying in Ukraine

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Our state takes for studying large groups of foreign students. Among many problems which arise for this category of people in Ukraine, there is a problem to adapt them to our community.
Preparatory faculties (PF) are the first step in the training of foreign specialists. In this regard, the adaptation is the most actual especially for these units of high school. The level of success of further training of foreign students largely depends on the adaptation period – a period during which the basis for their future careers is laid.

adaptation of students in UkraineThe adaptation process should be handled at various levels of its passing (levels of interpersonal relations, personal behavior, basic psychological functions and their regulation, physiological mechanisms of activity, functional reserve of the body and health). Among these factors, the most important is psychological adaptation. It has a large influence on the adaptation processes at different levels. As the criteria for students’ adaptation for learning activities there are used the objective criteria (academic achievements, social activity, stabilization of attention, memory, thinking) and subjective criteria (attitude to the lessons, to the acquired knowledge, satisfaction with the learning process and the team relations).

Adapting to new unfamiliar conditions means the formation of psychological mechanisms which give security and an adequate orientation in the new situation. If case of successful adaptation the person gets the opportunity to maximize self-realization in university studies. ”Inadaptability” comes out with an inadequate perception of the situation, with the way of action, which increases the negative development of the situation and leads to a psychological disadvantage of the student, to stress and serious threat to his vital interests.

students in UkraineThe ability to realize himself in different forms of activity determines the readiness to college life. There are several main types of student behavior during studying. For the first type it is important the outside motivation, which is characterized by the desire for the approval from another people. They have a dependence on the views of parents, teachers, friends. In this case, the estimate obtained at the examination plays the role of a status indicator. Therefore, the estimation for this type is a way of self-affirmation and has great importance. Such persons often feel increased anxiety and low stress resistance. Another type is the opposite from the first. The representatives of the type refuse from the struggle for high marks, demonstrating their indifference, a kind of independence from them. The training system cause criticism and rejection, as a result they come to not using their capabilities and wasting their time. The third type has inner motivation and the pragmatism. Opposite to the first and second types, these students usually have got real-life line. For members of this type studying is the necessity for the defined plans for the future.They are focused on the rational use of time. They evaluate their abilities really. They are focused on benefiting from education. It is obvious that the main motive of learning activities for this group of students and a major factor in their adaptation are the future work on the specialty, required skills and knowledge for it. Professional activities have a priority over other activities of these individuals.

adaptation in UkraineComparing behavior it is possible to say that the most effective studying among these types is the third one. According to our observations deliberate and active attitude towards their future profession is formed among students who have either started to study chosen profession at secondary or higher education institutions in the homeland or worked in the field of their interest. As a consequence of the absence of line or the vagueness in getting the future profession is the frequent change of specialization by students. During working with foreign students we faced the situation when students who have graduated from school of a technical or economic profile at home and did not study biology are aiming getting a medical education. Or graduates of humanities select one of the technical universities for further studying.

One of the conditions for the development of the student’s personality and his adaptation in the first year is the level of general education. Estimating the school performance at home and answering the question “what is the average of your school performance in general subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology)?”, the students tell us that they had received “3″ (1,5%), “4″ (20,5%), 4 and 5 (68%) and ” five (10%).However, practice shows that the evaluation of knowledge of a number of students is overestimated.

happy studentsIt should be underlined that the time of adaptation varies due to late arrival of students for the lessons. In these groups an intensive training course is conducted, a number of topics and lessons are reduced; scientific style of speech is not studied enough. As a result the language base of these students is much weaker.

Some students admit that they came to our country to get any higher education diploma. Accommodation in Ukraine also frees them from control of the parents. Such a line leads to the problems and the unwillingness to learn.

Today we can say that the training of foreign specialists in Ukraine is massive and has a tendency to further development. In this regard, teachers are actively exploring the characteristics and laws of pre-university education. The analysis of the adaptation process of foreign students to the new social environment and identification of mechanisms to manage this process gives the opportunity to optimize foreign students’ training.

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