1. Which Universities do TimetoStudy represent in Ukraine? All universities which have accreditation and license of the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine to teach foreign students. Contact us for details.
  2. What is the currency of Ukraine? Hryvnia. US$ 1 = 10.50 Hryvnia approximately.
  3. Do future students need to pass any English test for admission? No, they don’t.
  4. Can foreign students apply for the Work Permit after completion of the studying? Yes, they can.
  5. Can foreign students apply for Permanent Residence and citizenship of Ukraine? Yes, they can apply after 2 years of staying in Ukraine according to Ukrainian Law.
  6. Are Ukrainian degrees recognized globally? Yes, they are.
  7. Is it possible to pay the tuition fee by parts? Yes, it is.
  8. What additional expenses do students have upon arrival in Ukraine? The students should pay to the University the officially established charges for the registration (around US$ 10-30).
  9. What are an average student’s month expenses in Ukraine? The average monthly expenses for food are about US$ 200-US$ 250. For the first 3 months students will need more in order to pay the registration charges, purchase items of necessity etc.
  10. Are a life and a health insurance necessary?  The life and the health insurance are necessary and obligatory for all foreign students wishing to study in Ukraine.