TimetoStudy proposes cooperation to individuals wishing to enter the Ukrainian education industry as agents (with or without previous experience).

We will provide practicing agents as well as new agents with up-to-date information about international education in Ukraine. There are no qualifications or specific language requirements for people who wish to be our agents, but we expect responsibility, honesty and respect in regard to us.

There are two options how to cooperate with TimetoStudy:

Education Agent – is a person who finds people who want to study, gives them consultation about studying in Ukraine and full information about TimetoStudy and our contacts.

Education agency – is an entity which consults clients about Ukrainian educational services in a particular geographical area. Education Agency is working on a national-level and is encouraged to find agents and organize consulting system from them in their home country. These agencies visit schools, have advertisement budgets, and serve as a source of information and recommendations for future students and their parents about receiving higher education in Ukraine. Education agency is responsible for collecting all necessary documents from client, sending them in time in order to get invitation form, receiving student’s visa and buying tickets for student’s coming to Ukraine in advance.  These agencies also serve as a link between parents who have questions about their child’s studying and representatives of TimetoStudy in Ukraine. Our partners who want to open Education agency are supposed to have start advertisement budget: 100$ for opening special local TimetoStudy site page in the language of their country; 200$ for internet advertisement of this page during 2 months. Education agency is responsible for translation of site information in their native language and for preparing articles concerning education in their home country – one per week.

TimetoStudy undertakes to:

  • Provide education agents with information about the Ukrainian education system and Ukraine as a country for studying, education quality assurance issues and the Ukrainian visa regulation system;
  • Keep agents abreast of changes and developments in the Ukrainian education services;
  • Organize all necessary steps in Ukraine for clients in order to execute our services on the best possible level and on time
  • Keep positive image and high reputation of TimetoStudy among clients: promote company and services in future students’ environment.
  • Be honest, obligatory and precise in the aspects of agent’s commission calculation and paying
  • Encourage and support agents in their business and professional development.

NOTE: TimetoStudy will not provide its partners with information about how to set up or operate an Education Agency in their home country.

No matter which level of cooperation you will choose, the main goal is to consult students at the best level and to use personal approach in each case.

If you are interested in cooperation with TimetoStudy write us