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Admission of foreign students to Ukrainian Universities is supported by government of our country a lot. All conditions are created for those students who want to study in Ukraine.

In order to come to study at the preparatory faculty foreigner needs to obtain an official invitation from the university. In order to obtain it a candidate must provide high school with the following information: name, date of birth, passport number, home address and place of a visa receiving. In case of positive answer foreign students must pay by a transfer value of the form “Invitation for studying”, its arranging, cost of services for visa receiving, cost of the sending of necessary documents to the address of applicant. For admission to first year of university alien must provide, besides the standard documents, the medical certificate of health, received two months prior coming to Ukraine and test for AIDS.

Future students are not obliged to pass any exams, but are usually enrolled to the chosen University after interview.

Students can choose the language of studying – English, Russian or Ukrainian. If they choose English, no foreign language certificate is required to enter the course.

Different universities have different admission demands for different courses. You are welcome to connect us and learn about university’s requirements for the desired course.