Cost of Studying

Cost of studying in Ukraine for foreign students depends on the university (from 12,000 to 35,000 hryvnia, $ 1,5-4,5 thousand).

For example,

Dean of the Faculty of Slavic languages at Kyiv National Linguistic University Shulygina Raisa Andreyevna told us that studying in this university was almost the cheapest for foreign young people in the current academic year. One year costs about 13,540 UAH and the preparatory faculty – about 11000 UAH. For foreigners they have created separate educational groups, but lessons are taught in Russian. In the dormitory of the university an entire wing was devoted to foreign students, but the lobby is common, so communication with the Ukrainians have a place to be. For hostel accommodation foreigners pay UAH 2500 for 10 months (for the duration of the academic year). It is possible to admit 400 foreign students annually for Department of Slavic Languages KNLU. This year they enrolled 397 persons. Also Raisa Andreyevna notes that foreigners are very considerate and friendly in communication, always respectful, greeting, interested in how things were going, and conflicts with the Ukrainians at the university are not observed.

The National Pharmaceutical University (Kharkov) train foreign students in three fields: pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology. According to the university for today they prepared more than 4500 Masters of Pharmacy for 80 countries. Foreign citizens can get education in Russian or English. Duration of studying in Russian is six years (the first year in the preparatory department where the Russian language is taught), in English is five years (excluding preparatory courses). Tuition fee at the preparatory faculty is $ 1200, the first course in Russian – 2800 $, in English – 3500$. Students have the opportunity to live in university accommodations of two different levels of comfort: the classic student hostel and a hostel with high comfort. The cost of living is $ 25-40.
In the Kharkov State Technical University of Construction and Architecture tuition is $ 1,900 annually. Tuition does not include expenses for meals, transportation, medical care and health insurance, paperwork.

For the period of training foreign students are provided with a hostel (2-3 persons in a room with the same payment and on the same terms with other students – 35-40 U.S. dollars).
At NTU “KPI” foreign students (mostly from Turkey) often choose electronics, mechanics and computer technology. Tuition fee is approximately 4000 $.
In the Kiev National University Shevchenko the largest number of foreigners study at the Institute of International Relations, Institute of Philology and the Faculty of Cybernetics.