System of Education

The structure of higher education in Ukraine according to its ideology and goals corresponds to the structure of education in most developed countries of the world. It is very important that in March, 2005 Ukraine has joined the Bologna system and became an active participant of development of the all-European space in the sphere of higher education. For today there are 951 higher educational institutions of different levels of accreditation in Ukraine which conduct preparation of qualified experts of more than 500 specialties.

Among higher education institutions in Ukraine there are technical schools, colleges, institutes, academies, universities and others.
Higher educational institutions usually have one of four levels of accreditation:

  • The first level – technical school;
  • The second level – college, other higher education institutions equal to it;
  • The third and fourth levels – institutes, conservatories, academies, universities.

There are such qualifying levels of higher education:

  • Junior Specialist;
  • Bachelor;
  • Master.

Diploma and qualification can be obtained by foreign students on the basis of studying for a period 5-6 years without a break or 1-2 years if a person has qualification level bachelor’s degree. The exception is the specialty of medicine and veterinary medicine, for which only first scheme is allowed for foreign students.
Foreign students in Ukraine usually get Masters Degree as a result of the appropriate educational program for 2 years based on skill level bachelor’s degree or 1 year based on the level of a specialist.

Graduates of the Ukrainian universities receive a state diploma. Universities provide assistance in international legalization of diplomas by the Ministry of Education and Science.