50 000 of foreign students study in Ukraine

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Education in Ukraine!

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports estimates the number of foreign students in Ukraine as 50,000. Dmitry Tabachnik Minister of Education, Youth and Sport told it in the program “Politics with Yevgeny Kiselyov,” on the 10th of June.
“Today, Ukraine is being trained almost 50 000 foreign students,” – said the minister.
Herewith, the number of such students increased in 3000 for the last year, according to Tabachnik report.
He associates this increase with the permission for high schools to choose the language of instruction for foreign students from April 2010.
According to Tabachnik report, Ukraine is now included in the 20 largest global players in the market of higher education.

Study in Ukraine!

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    Son of a gun, this is so heplful!

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    Knokced my socks off with knowledge!

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