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Our country is the ninth in the world in the number of foreign students. Ukrainian universities attract foreigners not only by the comparatively cheapness of course but also by excellent quality of education. Diplomas issued by our universities are highly valued throughout the world.

According to report of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) in Ukrainian universities there are about 42 thousand foreign students from more than 130 countries. Mostly young people from China (6,7 thousand), Russia (4,5 thousand), India (2,7 thousand), Jordan, Syria, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Moldova come to us. The ninth place in the world in the number of foreign students is a very high rate. Among countries of the former Soviet Union only Russia is ahead of Ukraine, where about 100,000 foreigners receive higher education. And the three leading countries in this list are the U.S.A (about 630,000), Britain (more than 300 thousand) and Germany (about 230,000).

Which specialties do foreigners choose?

Several years ago the majority of foreign students entered universities in the capital of our country – Kiev. But in recent years, trend changed to the choice of regional universities. Here are the top five Ukrainian universities, which teach the largest number of foreign students:

  • Lugansk State Medical University – 1900.
  • Donetsk State Medical University – 1500.
  • Kharkov National University. VN Karazin – 1300.
  • Vinnitsa National Medical University – 1200.
  • National Aviation University – 1200.

Also, many foreigners are educated in NTU “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” – 1120, in Kiev National University Taras Shevchenko, National Pharmaceutical University (Kharkov), National Technical University “KPI” – about 1000 students in each institution.

In the majority of our higher education institutions there are special training departments (courses) for foreigners. Throughout the year they learn Russian or Ukrainian, as well as core subjects. Upon completion of the preparatory faculty graduates receive a certificate that gives them the right to enter any educational institution in Ukraine on the interview results on a contract basis. The cost of training courses in different institutions varies from 1,5 to 3,5 thousand dollars.

Each and every country has its specificity in the choice of specialties, but the most popular is medicine. Also engineering, economics, management and finance, social sciences and linguistics are in high demand.

Admission for foreigners

Admission of students from abroad to Ukrainian Universities is determined by the Act of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1238 from 05.08.1998. In order to come to study at the preparatory faculty a foreigner needs to obtain an official invitation from the university. For admission to first year of university future student must provide besides the standard documents the medical certificate of health, received two months prior entering Ukraine and test for AIDS.

Also, international students should demonstrate knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian language because the educational services are generally provided in these languages, sometimes – in English, which is more expensive and usually lasts a year longer and not in each institution.

The cost of studying for foreigners

Tuition fees are determined by each higher education institution independently. Cost of studying for foreign students varies depending on the university from 12,000 to 35,000 hryvnia ($ 1,5-4,5 thousand).

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