“International Management” in Alfred Nobel University of Economics and Law

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TimetoStudy would like to present you the quality and unique  program «International Management» at Alfred Nobel University of Economics and Law , Ukraine, which was validated  by one of the most prestigious and respected universities in the UK – University of Wales.

university in Dnepropetrovsk

The program «International Management» is conducted as a parallel study under the speciality «International Economics» from the second to the fourth years of undergraduate studying. Training in all disciplines of the program from its first to its final year is conducted entirely in English.

After completing their studies under this program, students are able to obtain two diplomas – a British BA (Hons) «International Management» (University of Wales), which is recognized throughout the world, and the Ukrainian state diploma.

It should be noted that throughout the learning process the teaching staff, the discipline offered , the process of studying  and all the organizational processes of the program are under constant review by experts of the University of Wales, which ensures strict compliance with the European standards of education maintained at the University of Wales.

teacherThe teaching staff directing the learning process for the program, have been carefully selected and approved by the British side. The teachers involved in the program «International Management», are recognized experts in their subjects, leading practitioners, experts with practical experience in their fields abroad.
Students in the program «International Management», are able to obtain not only important theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience of international business, as the learning process is filled with master classes and seminars conducted by international business consultants, European and American teachers.
The program «International Management» fully meets the highest European standards of training , includes all the disciplines necessary for gaining a comprehensive mastery of this speciality and provides the practical skills needed to conduct professional activities.

Tuition fee – 2500$ per year

Hostel fee – 50-70$ per month

More information about Alfred Nobel University of Economics and Law

  • This university is a private institution of higher education of the 4th accreditation level. It is situated in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
  • The university provides a full range of educational services, which are licensed and accredited: Among them: institute preparation, training bachelors, specialists, masters in the following areas: economics and entrepreneurship, philology, law, merchandising and commercial business, psychology, social pedagogy, management, training specialists and professional development and training at the School of Business program:- Master of Business Administration (MBA),- Marketing (MBA format),- Psychology (MBA format), – Financial Management (MBA format), postgraduate and doctoral studies.
  • Alfred Nobel University has  a team of highly qualified teachers, including:24 doctors, professors, 112 PhDs.
  • The university provides modern innovative technology and high quality teaching methodology of the educational process.
  • It prepares students for exams to obtain international certificates in English, Spanish, German and French.
  • The university has developed relationships with many foreign universities and international foundations.
  • Alfred Nobel Uuniversity provides a real opportunity to take practice and training in leading companies of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and Europe.
  • The university has modern material base: three comfortable academic buildings, two dormitories, computer classes, Internet, Wi-Fi, satellites and cable TV, a language lab, multimedia equipment, a library, sports and reading rooms, sports and medical-diagnostic center, the Palace of students, Broadcasting Company «Fraternity»(27 TV channel), cafes.

students in UkraineIf you are interested to apply to Alfred Nobel University of Economics and Law, please, fill Apply form on TimetoStudy site. Please, point the name of the University and specialty in Comments.

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