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Education in Ukraine!

The number of foreign students in Ukraine increases. They are attracted by good combination of price and quality, by possibility of employment in metropolitan areas. As a result – in the academic year 2011/2012 the number of foreign students increased by 2.6 thousand. A total number of international students in Ukraine is about 48 thousand.


Most readily foreigners go to study in Kiev and Kharkov, and in the  capital there are about 11 thousand students-( almost two times more than in Kharkov). Among the top ten most popular universities of Ukraine there are two universities in Kiev – National Aviation University (NAU) and Bogomolets National Medical University. The majority of students come to Ukraine to study medicine and engineering.

In recent years, more often students from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan come to Ukraine. The Turkmenian students explained that the reason was in the small amount of universities in their country,  and in the absence of contract studying –  there are no places at the universities even for those who are ready to pay for studying.
Dzhahansoltan Kurbanova, the same as many young people from her country, is going to get a higher education in Ukraine and to return home. Ukrainian education is valuable in her native land in Turkmenistan, and it is possible to get a good job with it. She wants to study in Kiev, the same as her sister made before.

students from China

The Chinese students often do  the same. It is really difficult to find a job in China (there is a contest  for one place 6 or more persons), and ukrainian diploma is an advantage for an applicant. Van Huaybin is a fourth year student studying economics and business. He does not know  where he will work at home, but he is sure that he will return to China. Now the guy speaks Russian fluently, but he says that it was not easy when he just arrived in Kiev.

The turkish students are interested in long-term relationship with Ukraine. Some of them arrive to study law (realizing that each country has different laws) and plan to get work visas. The other study economics and believe that it is easier to maintain a profitable business in  Ukraine. The third year student Berkant came to study Rocket engineering. There is no such a specialty in his native country.
Many foreign students are very surprised that in one city in Ukraine there can be not just one or two universities, but dozens. Also a huge advantage is that if a student came to study, he will graduate for sure. In Western Europe the procedure is more difficult – far not everyone get a degree.
Students who are familiar with the education system in Western Europe, are impressed with more personalized education in Ukraine.

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Study in Ukraine!

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