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Education in Ukraine!

Kyiv National Linguistic University of  today is a unique higher education establishment and research centre where over 7 thousands students learn 19 foreign languages latest teaching methods are tested and introduced, diverse fundamental and applied research is carried out in the areas of Germanic, Romance and Slavonic Linguistics and Orientalism, literature studies, theory and practice of translation, psychology, pedagogies, linguistic didactics, cognitive linguistics, applied linguistics, management and law.

Kyiv National Linguistic UniversityKyiv National Linguistic University has the 4th state accreditation level and is licensed to award Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees in 7 majors. By modern academic, research and methodological standarts Kyiv National Linguistic University is a  premier academic institution in Ukraine devoted to the study of foreign languages.

The University has 37 chairs with 650 qualified faculty members including 63 Doctors of Science, Professors, 348 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors. 18 faculty members have the title Honored Educator of Ukraine.

The University has a developed material and technical basis. Students have at their disposal classrooms with modern video and sound equipment, computer classes with access to Internet, modern recording equipment, pools of audio and video recordings. Educational video laboratory comprises 4 video classes and a TV studio. Faculty and students are served by the University library with over 1 million volumes of educational, scientific, fiction and reference literature. The University library is completely computerized with access to the informational segment of Internet.

studentsThe university has 10 departments and 2 institutes with over 7 thousand student body including 500 international students. Kyiv National Linguistic University is a unique educational institutions not only in Ukraine but also in the post-Soviet countries and in Western Europe; students can learn 12 European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Modern Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish) and 7 Oriental languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Persian and Hindi). Management, law, applied linguistics and psychology are gaining popularity. Graduates receive specialized training and students can major in these areas as well as in several foreign languages. KLNU offers post-graduate programs in economy, law and psychology.

As a scientific centre where fundamental and applied research in foreign philology, psychology and pedagogy is carried out, Kyiv National Linguistic University is famous not only in Ukraine but far beyond its borders, as well. For over 60 years the University has developed famous scientific schools in linguistic pragmatics, text linguistics, typology and contrastive linguistics, statistical lexicography, psychology of the individual, ethnopedagogics and linguodidactics which have gained wide recognition in Ukraine and abroad.

Kyiv National Linguistic University is a collective member of the International Association of Universities (IAU). Rector of the University, prof. Artemchuk G. I. has been elected a Member Emeritus of the European Universities Rectors Club. 2100 foreigners from 56 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have received the University diplomas; over 30 of them have defended their theses at the University Specialized Academic Boards.

universityThe university has all necessary conditions not only for serious studies but also for interesting rest, sports and recreation, for development of abilities and talents of students, faculty and staff. The University students, faculty and staff attend a modern sports complex with  gyms for game sports, gymnastics and athletics equipped with diverse training outfit. 26 sports groups function in the sports complex, 18 University teams that each year win prizes at city and all-Ukrainian competitions and Olympiads train there.

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Study in Ukraine!

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