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nauLocation:Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 0,9 km2
Academic buildings: 14
Number of students: 50 000
Number of foreigners: 1 200
Foundation date : 25 August 1933
Number of Institutes: 15
Library fund: 2 600 000 books

The National Aviation University is a powerful aviation higher educational institution, that is well-known not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad. Thousands of its scientists and lecturers, hundred thousands of graduates have made a considerable contribution to the development of national and world science, techniques and industry; they became the active creators of scientific and technical progress.

General information
Tens of thousands of specialists from 122 countries have graduated from the largest aviation university in Ukraine, the National Aviation University (NAU). The University was founded in 1933. It has the IV level of accreditation.

Academic activities are performed by a highly skilled scientific and pedagogical team, including 23 academicians, corresponding members of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, 280 doctors of sciences, professors, 830 candidates of sciences and senior lecturers, 54 honored people of science and engineering of Ukraine and winners of the State prizes.

Structure of the University

More than 50 thousand students study at the University today. 1200 foreign students from 50 countries are among them. 15 educational research institutes, 20 faculties, 10 research institutes and centres, 6 colleges, 4 lyceums and gymnasiums function at the University.
Today the pride of the National Aviation University is its graduates: statesmen, well-known scientists, Heads of production enterprises, lecturers

University facilities

studentA unique aviation base, composed of the educational air field, unique aviation hangar, radio-ground and that for ground-based aero-equipment, trainers and aerodynamic complex, with a unique wind-channel (which is fixed in the State Register of Scientific Objects of National Property), is created at the University.
The area occupied by the University is about 90 hectares, the total are of 14 academic buildings is 150 000 square meters. 75 airplanes and helicopters, 42 aircraft engines, 3 aircraft simulators, 240 on-board systems, test benches and about 2500 modern computers are used in the educational process. The scientific and technical library has about 3 million books. The University has a training aerodrome, unique hangar, radio equipment and aviation ground equipment facilities, aerodynamic training complex with the wind tunnel, State Museum of Aviation. Art and Culture Centre, sport complex, 11 comfortable hostels, canteen with a seating capacity for 1000 people at a time, medical centre, e-club, billiard club are the parts of students’ campus. Also the University comprises summer camp on the bank of the Dnipro river and on the Black seashore.

The National Aviation University provides fundamental professional and practical training at the level of Bachelor and Master. The period of training is 4 years for Bachelors degree and 1-1,5 years for Masters degree. Language of study is Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Foreigners who do not speak the language of study (Ukrainian, Russian or English) are admitted to the Preparatory Department for the period of one year where training is carried out on the following directions: Engineering, Economics, Humanities, Medicine.

General Directions of Studying: Aircraft and Rocket Engineering, Maintenance of Aircraft, Power-Plant Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automatization and Computer-Integrated Technologies, Systems Engineering, Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Electronic Devices and Systems, Radio Engineering, Radio Electronic Devices, Air Navigation, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Metrology and Information-Measuring Technologies, Telecommunications, Information Security Management, Security of Information and Communication Systems, Technical Systems of Information Protection, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Publishing and Polygraphy, Computer Engineering, Mapping and Land Survey, Geodesy, Construction, Architecture, Design, Biotechnology, Ecology, Environment Protection and Balanced Nature Resources Management, Chemical Technology, Economics and enterprises, Cybernetics in economics, Marketing, International Economics, Accounting and audit, Finance and Credit, Transport Technologies, Management, International Relations, Journalism, Tourism, Jurisprudence, Psychology, Sociology, Philology.

Tuition Fees per year

Language of training Ukrainian Russian English
Preparatory Department 2100$ 2100$
Bachelor 3400$ 3400$ 4500$
MSc 3600$ 3600$ 5000$
PhD 6600$ 6600$
DSc 7700$ 7700$

Accommodation payment is 60 $ per month

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