Nostrification of diplomas in Ukraine

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Nostrification of foreign qualifications is recognition of the level of foreign education in Ukraine (for example, economic education received in Turkey is compared with the economic education obtained in Ukraine).
Formally the owner of a foreign diploma has no corresponding education in relation to the host country. Everyone who came to another country to work or to study can face the problem of verification of his qualification.
In Ukraine nostrification of foreign diplomas is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science.

This is needed for nostrification:

  • legalization of the document for using at the territory of Ukraine (apostille, consular legalization or translation with notary certification – depending on the country);
  • note from the institution confirming  the fact of studying;
  • the document which confirms the legality of staying in the country of study (a copy of the passport of a foreign citizen, stamps in the passport after border crossing or a note from the place of residence in the country of studying);
  • a copy of the document certifying the accreditation of the institution (certificate or license issued by the Ministry of Education of a foreign country).

Important: The apostille must be affixed on the original educational documents.
Approximate dates for nostrification: 1 – 4 months from the date of payment for services of the Ministry of Education.

Legalization of a document is almost always necessary when it must be submitted to the authorities of the other State, except the following cases:

  • an institution in which one submits the document does not require its legalization;
  • between Ukraine and the State which issued the document it is signed an agreement on the abolition of legalization requirements;
  • when the legalization of the document has no reason because of its form, type or nature.

In accordance with the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 in the countries which signed it, it is needed only a certificate, called «APOSTILLE» for recognition of foreign documents.
Stamp “Apostille” is affixed to official documents and certifies the authenticity of the signature of the person who signed the document and the identity of the seal, which is pressed at this document. “Apostille” is affixed to the document itself or on a separate sheet, attached to this document. It has a square form with the sides at least 9 sm. The title “APOSTILLE (Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961)” must be in French, but the text of the stamp is in the Ukrainian language. The Convention does not allow to change the text of the “Apostille” and to change the sequence of lines in the stamp. It is not allowed apostille to be made by copying the stamp or by other means for further hemming to the identification documents. In all cases it should be stamped “Apostille”.

Documents stamped “Apostille” in a right way do not require additional certification. Each state participating in the convention appoints authorities who are competent to issue this stamp. In Ukraine, the authority for affixing of the “apostille ” are: The Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education.

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