Rauf Veleev became “Mister international student of Sumy State University-2011″

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The traditional contest of artistic skills and the image of a real man “Mister international student-2011» took place in the auditorium of the Sumy State University. There was a contest for this title between eight men from different countries – Meylis Rakhmanov (Turkmenistan), Khalid Ghulam Rabbani (Afghanistan), Rauf Veleev (Azerbaijan), Kassia Jassim (Iraq), Sui Syaochzhi (China), Michael Ebul Chisom (Nigeria), Behzad Hassanzadeh (Iran) and Raul Foussoyo (Cameroon).

Competitors had to defile in a business suit, to demonstrate their level of education, intelligence and knowledge of Russian language in the contest “Visit card”, to show their talents, to dance Ukrainian Hopak, to demonstrate national costumes and traditions, as well as the ability to behave as a gentleman at a ball.

Meylis Rakhmanov has decided to conquer the audience with playing the accordion, Khalid Rabbani has demonstrated courage with oriental combat sports, Rauf Veleev has left nobody indifferent with incendiary Azerbaijan lezginka, Kassia Jassim has sung about “Cruel Love”, Sui Syaochzhi has danced the Russian dance “My Marusechka”, Michael Chisom has proved that the life is movement with the help of hip-hop, Behzad Hassanzadeh has turned the women heads with oriental dance and Raul Foussoyo has filled the room with love song in his native French. The student of the preparatory department Eric Obasi from Cameroon who performed out of the competition has presented to the audience an incendiary dance and moved everybody for a few minutes in hot Africa.

The jury of this fabulous evening was represented only by ladies – Head of Public Relations Regional State Administration Irina Bogdanova, chief editor of the Sumy Television Oksana Kirilenko, Head of Education and Science Department Antonina Danilchenko, Director of the Regional Centre of out of school education and work with talented youth Larissa Tihenko, Director of the Sumy insurance company Natalya Reznik, head of the regional newspaper “Sumy” Elena Gerenko. Head of the Department of before the university education of Sumy University Olga Vasilieva became the Chairman of the jury.

The jury determined the nominations and chose the most decent. Each participant received the award, which reflected his special features: “Mister Intelligence”  - Sui Syaochzhi from China, “Mister Erudite” –  Rauf Veleev from Azerbaijan,” Mister Talent ” – Meylis Rakhmanov from Turkmenistan, “Mister Courage” – Khalid Rabbani from Afghanistan, ” Mister model ” – Behzad Hassanzadeh from Iran,” Mister  elegance” – Raul Foussoyo from Cameroon, ” Mister sympathy” – Jassim Kassia from Iraq, ” Mister expression ” – Michael Chisom from Nigeria and ” Mister Inspiration” – Eric Obasi from Cameroon.
The main titles were given in the next way. In 2011 Khalid Rabbani (Afghanistan) became Vice Mister of the Sumy State University, and Rauf Veleev from Azerbaijan got the title of Mister International Student of the Sumy State University.

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