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Odessa National Medical University is one of the leading medical universities with the IV level of accreditation. The university is in continuous co-operation with European and International Associations of universities, as an active member. In 2001, it was admitted as a member of International Scientific Committee of UNESCO. It indicates that the level of teaching and training meets all international standards.
The teaching staff consists of 106 professors and 410 Ph.D. Among them, 20 Academicians, 42 members of foreign academies, 39 distinguished doctors and employees of public education, 10 winners of state and other prestigious international awards.
The chief scientists are the honorable doctors of 42 international organizations and universities. They all deliver lectures to the students and teachers yearly. Among them are: Nobel Prize Winners – Prof. Rolph Zinkernagel (Switzerland) & Prof. Yevgeniy Chazov (Russia); Prof. Juliano Di Bernardo (Italy), Spiros Marketos (Greece) and Georgiy Kryzhanovskiy (Russia); President of Polish Academy of Medicine Prof. Casimir Imiyelinski; Rectors of several universities – Prof. Stefan Doel Trachtenberg (George Washington University, USA) & Ton That Bach (Hanoi National Medical University, Vietnam), and others.
Nowadays, about 6,000 students, 1300 of them – the citizens of 52 foreign countries, are studying at the six faculties and 58 departments of the University. The teaching of foreign students is performed in Russian, Ukrainian and English. 250 graduate students, interns, masters are receiving postgraduate education.
The University has a modern material and technical basis for educational, scientific, medical, diagnostic work. It facilitates the implementation of the latest achievements in medical science, including endoscopic, laparoscopic, transplantological technologies, genetic medicine and others into the educational process and the medical practice.
Odessa National Medical University extensively uses the latest scientific techniques and practices of the best universities of the world in teaching process. This great contribution is due to close links with leading universities and academic centers: Washington University (USA), Polish Academy of Medicine (Poland), Milan University (Italy), Institute of Experimental Immunology (Switzerland), the International Fund of Hippocrates (Greece), A. Schweitzer International Medical Academy (Poland), Russian Heart Scientific-productive Complex (Russia), etc.
For the recent years, unique scientific and medical departments of the University were created: dental and multidisciplinary university clinics, Institute of Molecular and Cell Genetic Medicine, Institute of Clinical Biophysics.
The University has 12 academic buildings with total area of 27,700 square meters, 608 classrooms, offices and laboratories. About 3 thousand students live in the six dormitories.
For 108 years of existence ONMU prepared 74,000 specialists. Among them, 9,000 doctors and more than 100 professors are citizens of foreign countries.
Sports-Health Complex
The university has good conditions not only for study but also for sports and recreation. There is a sport-health complex on the Black Sea shore, where over 500 students at a time can rest in summer.
The university’s Sports Complex is situated on the territory of the campus. It has six sports halls; for various games, including wrestling, table tennis, athletics, aerobics, badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, training room (gym). At the university the students can participate in more than 16 kinds of sports. The most popular are athletics, basketball, handball, tennis, weight lifting, swimming, football, fencing, mini-football, judo, unarmed combat, chess, badminton and other.
The students who are interested in the creation art can attend the students’ centre “VITA”. The most popular are ballet dancing, modern and folk-dancing, Students Theater of popular miniatures, poetic studio and students press-club.
Polyclinic Service
Annual medical examination of every student is mandatory, which is carried out every year in the beginning of academic session at the Students’ Polyclinic. The medical examination is done by the specialist doctors and if needed all type of diagnostic investigations are carried out. Museums of the university
ONMU has three museums:
Historical Museum comprises the exhibits, which tell about the development of the University. At present there are 4.5 thousand exhibits which help students to study at the courses of the history of ONMU.Anatomic Museum helps students to study basic human anatomy. It includes 3 thousand exhibits telling about the structure of Human body; these objects are prepared by the students and teaching staff of the University. The Museum of the Pathological Anatomy is one of the best professional museums in Ukraine. The museum has 2.5 thousand unique special materials showing the changes in the human organism that occur in different diseases.
The library of ONMedU is one of the oldest and biggest libraries in Ukraine. The proud of the library is the fund of the medical-scientific periodical editions, which is one of the biggest in Ukraine. The funds of the library are exhibited at the exhibitions, symposia and scientific conferences of medical workers.
The library of ONMedU is a modern information centre that promotes educational, scientific and teaching process. Total fund of the library contains 1 million books. The library has its branches in each hostel. There is an Internet Hall in the building of library where students can receive latest international information. After enrolment every student receives “library card”, on the basis of which students can receive books for studies for the period of respective academic year. At the beginning of new academic year the students receives new books for that year.
Publishing and Printing Activity
A powerful printing base, qualified staff, the use of the latest information technologies let the university publish different scientific, educational and methodological literature. 3 medical journals are published:
1. Odessa Medical Journal – 6 times a year;
2. Medical achievements and biology – 2 times a year;
3. Integrative anthropology – 2 times a year.
The unique textbooks and practical aids on all studied disciplines are published at the University. “The library of medical student” is published in Russian, Ukrainian, English and French with a total circulation of 15,000 copies per year. The students of majority of medical establishments of Ukraine study these books.

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