Ukraine Facts

Ukraine is located in southeastern Europe, bordering Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Poland, Belarus and Russia. It is washed by the Black Sea and Azov Sea on the south. Ukraine’s total territorial area is 603,700 square kilometers. The population of Ukraine is about 45 million people.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. There are 24 regional states (oblast) in Ukraine, and Crimea which is an autonomous republic. Official language is Ukrainian language, although Russian language is also widely spoken in different regions.

The common religion is orthodox Christianity.

Generally, Ukraine is one of the comfortable countries. The remoteness of Ukraine from the oceans, from continental Eurasia and mainly flat nature of its territory determine the climate of the country as a temperate-continental, gradually changing from west to east. Only a narrow coastal strip of the Southern coast of Crimea is characterized by sub-tropical (Mediterranean) climate.

The lowest temperature is usually in January and in February –  -7… -8°C (on the plains of Crimea — 0°C, on it’s southern shore — up to +3… +4°C).

The highest temperature is in July and in August –  +27… +29°C (north and northwest) and +32… +33°C (south and southeast).